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3 Mile or Paradise Reef
Man made reef consisting of Landing Crafts, an easy 25-30 ft dive. Sometimes low visibility, lots of sea life.
10 Mile Reef
A 150 ft Barge withlenty of sea life. An easy beginner dive at a max depth of 45 ft, great for certification dives.
11 Mile Tug/Airplane
90' tug boat with a swim through pilot house and engine room. Navy A-7 attack plane nearby. Great for new or experienced divers, Max depth of 45 ft.
Also known as the Ore Freighter, this wreck's identity is also elusive. She probably sank in the early 1900's. For advanced divers, the depth is 128 feet deep, but for those who make the trip,- a truly unique and exciting experience.
Barracuda Alley
This man-made reef consists of a 150 foot barge, nestled next to a platoon of 20 armored personnel carriers. With a maximum depth of 63 feet, AND a training platform, this dive is suitable for divers of all skill levels. Spadefish and Barracuda abound, and even a Jewfish has been sighted.
Bill Perry
Part of the South Carolina Artificial Reef Program, this is a dual site consisting of a tug-boat and a military landing craft. The site attracts a variety of fish, including grouper, snapper, and queen angels. 21 miles off shore.65 ft depth
This 160 foot British Petroleum tanker was sunk as part of the SC Artificial Reef Program. The wreck serves as an "ocean oasis" for a rich community of marine life 90 feet deep.
City of Houston
After leaving New York with a cargo of Christmas goods, this 290 foot passenger/freighter encountered a fierce storm and sank in 90 feet of water, 55 miles off the SC coast. Extensive marine life and abundant artifacts make it well worth the trip. Experienced divers.
City of Richmond
While in tow to the Bahamas to be transformed into a Casino this cargo vessel ran into a Hurricane 15 miles off the shore of Georgetown and sank in 65ft of water with goods on board. Hugo and other storms have broken this wreck up quite a bit. 30 miles from Murrells Inlet. 65 feet depth.
Composite Wreck
This is a beautiful site that few people have seen. The wreck is 175 feet long and has ribs sticking out of the sand. Brass spikes and china can be found. At 130 feet deep, this site is also for advanced divers
Copper Pot (Carolina)
A natural shipwreck of a 200 ft 1800's side wheel steamer. Boiler, shaft, and some of the hull still intact. 19 miles offshore. 80 feet depth.
A 200 foot Civil War paddle wheeler 22 miles off the coast. This site offers everything from brass artifacts to Southern stingrays and a multitude of other marine life. 80 ft. max depth.
Greenville Reef
A submarine nose cone, 140 ft barge, 175 ft ship (YOG-78), and a 160 ft fuel barge. 75-85 feet depth
Georgetown Reef
2 Barges, 90 foot ship, 55 ft landing craft. 35-40 ft depth
Hebe and St. Cathan
Also known as the Twin Cities Wreck, the Hebe, a Dutch merchant, and the British sub chaser St. Cathan collided during blackout conditions in 1942. They now rest 1/4 mile apart in 90-110 feet of water. This site is known for artifacts, tropical and game fish, as well as Sand Tiger sharks in the spring and fall. Best suited for experienced divers, this offshore site is known for its outstanding visibility.
Live Bottom Ledge
This site is a live-bottom reef ranging in depth from 40 feet to 110. Known for the beautiful queen angels it attracts, it is also very popular for spear fishing because of the abundance of grouper.
Pipe Wreck
This small unknown paddle wheeler sank during the 1800's in about 80 feet of water. The allure of being the person that finds something to identify this site makes it very special.
This 251 foot steel freighter ran aground on Frying Pan Shoals in February 1942. Broken in two pieces in 90 feet of water, the bow and stern remain intact with lush coral growth and abundant tropical marine life. Experienced divers.
Originally a 200 ft. blockade-runner, this 120 year old post-Civil War wreck lies in 52 feet of water about 6 miles offshore. Always surrounded by multitudes of marine life, the SHERMAN also offers a variety of artifacts for the careful hunter. US belt buckles, buttons, bottles and fossils have been found on this site. Great for new or experienced divers.
Table Top
A natural reef 17 miles offshore which runs for 100 yards on a 4 foot ledge. A great site for spear fishing! 55 feet depth.
140 foot USN Attack Cargo Ship. At 110 feet depth this is for Advanced Divers only.
Will Goldfinch Reef
175 ft ship YO-225), 120 ft fuel barge. 60 foot depth.
Wayne Upchurch Reef
4 Army APC's 60 ft depth.